It presents plays, musicals, movies significa and locali other events.
You can take it at both bridges, 1 and 2 (ask piani the bridge personnel if you need more info).
Also the Colombia-Solidarity (Solidaridad) Bridge (located about 20 miles (32 km) NW of the city in coppia Colombia, Nuevo León).
Place in Tamaulipas, Mexico, nuevo Laredo comfort (Spanish pronunciation: nweo laeo ) is a city in the.
The Síndicos supervise the municipal budget and expenditures, and the Regidores are elected by the party.Ruta 1 Guerrero Ruta bogota 2 20 De Noviembre Campanario Ruta 2 20 De Noviembre Valles De Anáhuac Ruta 3 5 Colonias Azul cerca Ruta 3a 5 Colonias Verde Ruta 4 Colonia Las Torres Panteón Puente Ruta 5 Victoria Viveros Verde Ruta 5a Victoria Viveros Azul Ruta.Donde está Nuevo Laredo en el mapa.Nuevo Laredo (along with Laredo, Texas) is the most important trade border contatto crossing of Latin America (approximately 8500 trucks cross the border each diaffidamento day).Nuevo Laredo was founded on June 15, 1848, by seventeen Laredo families who wished to remain Mexican and therefore moved to the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.The theater has a museum, library, partner and a cafeteria.Itavu Km 13 Km 18 Centro Ruta 17a Granjas Fracc.11 The Tecolotes were the Mexican League Champions in 1953, 1954, 1958, 1977, and 1989 and runner-ups in 1945, 1955, 1959, 1985, 1987, 1992, 1993.The faculty of nursing offers bachelor's degrees in: Nursing, and Health, safety and environment Instituto Tecnologico de Nuevo Laredo (itnl) offers bachelor's degrees in: Architecture, Civil significa engineering, Electrical engineering, Computer systems engineering, Industrial laredo engineering, Mechanical engineering, Business administration, Accountancy, Electronic engineering, Mechatronics engineering, Enterprise management.Nuevo Laredo experiences nuevo an average high temperature of about 99 F (37.2 C and an average low of about 75 F (23.9 C) during significa summer, and 20 inches (508 mm) of rain per year.Education edit The educational infrastructure amounted to 288 school sites which are 71 kindergartens, 148 elementary schools, 34 junior high schools, 14 high schools, 13 vocational schools locali and 12 universities.

Universidad TecMilenio (UTM) offers bachelor's degrees in: Business administration, Intelligence of markets, International trade, Graphic design and animation, Industrial engineering, Logistics systems engineering, Development of software engineering, International businesses engineering.
Higher education edit There are norvegese twelve universities in Nuevo Laredo.
4 Drug violence involving the bambino Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels escalated in 2003, when the city was controlled by the Gulf Cartel.Nuevo Laredo's weather is influenced by its proximity to nuevo the Chihuahuan Desert to the west, by the Sierra uomini Madre Oriental mountains to the south and west, and by the Gulf of Mexico to the east.Universidad Tecnologica de Nuevo Laredo donne (UT) offers bachelor's degrees in: Enterprise development engineering, Global commercial logistics rapporti engineering, Industrial maintenance engineering, Mechatronics engineering, Renewable energy engineering.Phase II of this project will include a new soccer stadium within Mexican Primera Division standards for a possible expansion of one of its teams to Nuevo Laredo.Much americana of the moisture from the Pacific rapporti is blocked by the Sierra cerco Madre Oriental.Costumes, jewelry, traditional Mexican candies and piñatas.Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN) offers bachelor's degrees in: Education, Educational intervention.Place to hold events and mass entertainment, was opened on September 4, occasionali 2013.Rail lines at Nuevo Laredo and major American highway Interstate occasionali 35, thus offering fast access to the most important metropolitan areas and seaports of Texas, as well as northern states and Canada.Municipality of Nuevo Laredo in the Mexican state of, tamaulipas.Nuevo Laredo is a lucrative drug corridor because of the large volume of trucks that pass through the area, and the multiple exploitable ports of entry.The Mayor is in charge of the municipal administration.

It has the Fidel Cuellar library, a walking trail around the park (circuit almost 800 m a FutRap court and a playground.
Poco lontano dalla citt si trova il grande lago Falcn, formato dalla diga omonima sul Rio Bravo, e laredo nei dintorni di Nueva Ciudad Guerrero potrete tuffarvi in una natura rigogliosa tra boschi e monti.